Statement of Principles

I believe that the lives of others should be respected.  This is only possible if my interactions with each other person are voluntary.  If another person does not want to interact with me, I will let them live their life in peace.

Violence does not solve social problems.  It does not matter what is done with another individual’s money after it is stolen.  No use of the money can justify that original crime.  It does not matter why force is used to compel individuals to live in ways that they do not want to live.  The initiation of force is evil, and I will not give in to evil.

I wish to maximize individual liberty, but I won’t complain about the corresponding prosperity that freedom brings, either.  In keeping with this goal, I support the following platform:

  1. No war
  2. No torture
  3. No taxes
  4. No trade barriers
  5. No prohibition
  6. No legal tender
  7. No minimum wage
  8. No price controls
  9. No victimless crimes
  10. No intellectual “property”
  11. No regulations
  12. No subsidies
  13. No bailouts
  14. No TSA
  15. No government monopolies (post office, police, etc)
  16. No government ponzi schemes (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc)
  17. The secession of Pennsylvania from the United States
  18. The secession of Philadelphia from Pennsylvania
  19. The nullification of all laws that violate the non-aggression principle
  20. The sale of all government controlled property
  21. The repudiation of all government debt
  1. No taxes
  2. No legal tender
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